Austin Engagement photos- Downtown Austin

I met Kenitres over the phone and we had a WONDREFUL conversation about her and her wonderful fiance. It went so well that she booked me the next day! So I KNEW when they came in to town we were going to have a BLAST! And we did! Keni (which she told me to call her at the first location maybe 10 min. after meeting her!:) said that she had been following my work for a while and that she was so nervous about the session she was feeling sick. But we all ended up having each other cracking up in between shots and during at some points too! It made for a GREAT engagement session! It was so awesome to meet the two of you and to be able to photograph the love and beauty of your relationship! They live in Dallas but are planning on moving to Austin! So feel free to leave comments on why you LOVE Austin (No Austin haters allowed, we need more awesome people like these guys here and I will delete your comment if you are bashing Austin- cause I can ) and what are some of your favorite things to do and see. I kept telling them all about the resturants in the Soco area cause I was RIDICOUSLY HUNGRY- note to self bring a apple (or a piece of bamboo, Garden State anyone??).

Keni bought Republic jeans for both of them to wear to the shoot so she wanted a shot of the back so you could see they were wearing the same kind. I think it is pretty awesome how you can see her awesome GREEN engagement stone!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the green pumps with skinny jeans!!


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One Response to “Austin Engagement photos- Downtown Austin”

  1. Amy (Allen) Chaudhari says:

    Jessica - love love these! of course i always like the downtown ones! :)
    Keni - you could not be in better hands (lens)!
    and welcome to ATX!!! being a former Dallas dweller - you will move here and never look back! We visit every year for TX/OU and to see my nephew (always eating at Hook Line and Sinker - and Wild About Harry’s!)
    Welcome to Austin!

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