I was on the FRONT page of Etsy.com

So it is crazy when you are surfing about trying to find something TOTALLY unrelated and BOOM you are featured somewhere :) Well I just found out that a picture I took for an etsy.com vendor was on the front page of etsy.com…. ahhhhAWESOME!!!

My image is the third from the left on the second row. The girl sipping a drink with a wicked carnival hat :) YAY!

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One Response to “I was on the FRONT page of Etsy.com”

  1. Pink Sun Drops says:

    Hi Jessica! I live in Austin, Texas, and would absolutely LOVE to borrow/rent/buy the hat in this photograph of yours for an event on Sunday as I also live in Austin. If there is any way you have access to this hat (or if not this particular one, although I do LOVE this one the most, any of the hats used in your carnival themed shoot) and could let me know, i would greatly appreciate it!

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