My breakup with Facebook…

So I wanted to post on my blog my recent thoughts. I recently deactivated my personal facebook page and will most likely keep it that way until after our new baby is out of the newborn phase (not till next year). It was a hard decision for me to make as I did have quite a few friends on there that I would keep up with. BUT after a little too much drama and a lost friend I decided to shut it down. I think it is hard for people to understand things that are typed versus in person. It is hard to tell if someone is upset or if they are joking around. And it is even harder when people don’t use :) ha. I have also come to a place where I would like to connect with my friends on a more personal level and face to face. I would also like to note this post is NOT an announcement about me retiring! I still love to photograph weddings and kids so please email me with the details of your event   Side note: Because posts are so much more fun with photos I wanted to share some of our family photos from last year. All photos (except the ones at the end, those were from my camera phone, so please don’t judge :) ) in this post are of my family and they were done in Dec. 11′ by a good friend of mine who is a photographer… Elizabeth Jayne and my makeup for this shoot was done by the wonderful Katie Astoria of Modern Muse Makeup Artistry .

Not to say that I don’t love my friends on facebook but honestly between work, school, trying to keep the house clean and loving on my husband and daughter (and taking care of myself, being pregnant!) it leaves me little time to keep up with my friend’s friend from highschool. Looking back I spent WAY too much time on there in hopes that someone would need a photographer for something, and I was missing out on life. I was spending night and day on Facebook to where I was ignoring my responsibilities personally. I finally asked myself when life is over who do I want standing by my side? Do I want clients? Not that I don’t want to take care of my clients but I need to have boundries and I don’t HAVE to respond to someone’s email within 15 min. Do I want Facebook “friends” standing by me? Will Facebook even be around at that point!? Will I look back and regret investing so much time into a website that I neglected my kids and husband? These were questions that had been rolling in my head for a while but I didn’t want to admit the truth to myself. After all “everyone is doing it”. I finally came to the conclusion that I want my family by my side not only in death but in life as well! I grew up with parents that were dedicated to their jobs (don’t worry I have talked to them about this and they will be the first to admit it as well. They would also admit that if they could they would do some things differently) so that is all I knew how to act and be. And I surrounded myself with people who were like that as well. I thought well this is how you get ahead in life, you don’t want to always live in an apartment and don’t you want to be a famous photographer one day? You have to work hard to become that. This is true but I have finally come to the place where I want to have time to take care of my family and my clients and not become “famous” to where I am constantly obsessed with getting the next job that I don’t focus on what I do have on my plate right now. And to be THANKFUL for the wonderful family and clients that are a part of my life! Money will come and go and I believe that God will take care of us (yes we have to do our part to work hard but we don’t have to obsess about it and work 14 hours a day, in my opinion). At this point in my life I believe that I have been blessed with a wonderful family that I need to focus on, as my daughter won’t be 6 forever and these are the times we build our relationship so that when she becomes a teenager she will hopefully come to me to talk and not do too many stupid teenage things. Side note on the photo above: DANG I HAVE THE CUTEST HUSBAND ON EARTH! :)

So all in all it is going well so far my family is LOVING that I am not on the computer all the time constantly checking email and facebook. (Now just email ;) but I am working on it I plan on trying to check it once a day.) I have been getting clients their photos back significantly sooner which is making for happier clients as well. So I am happy to report that my Facebook breakup is going well. There are times when I miss being able to see how everyone is doing. It was almost like Facebook became my best friend instead of my real life best friends, Daniel (my husband), Davielle (the best friend I have known for almost more than 10 years!), and Jen (she was my maid of honor and since my Facebook breakup I would say we have become closer because of our weekly and sometimes daily talks at the park with our girls). Sometimes I get lonely but then I remember, oh yeah there is this thing called a phone! I can always call a friend! :)

Also the good thing about my break up with Facebook that has already started to kick in is that I have been able to volunteer at Bella’s school a lot more. They did a kindergarten Rodeo a while ago and I went to volunteer, but ended up taking photos with my camera phone as they ended up not really needing help other than setting up lunch.  (I didn’t bring my real camera as I didn’t think we would have time to take photos). Here are some photos from that…

Isn’t she the cutest little cowgirl ever! :)



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