Our 7 year anniversary!!

So my husband and I celebrated our 7th anniversary. It was a lot of fun and exciting. He gave me a new iPad (so now I can do fun instagrams yay!!)

This one is us just being silly while waiting for our food at Annie’s on Congress. He got these tatoos because I have low blood pressure so the Dr. told me that I am able to eat as much salt as I want (Thanks Dad!! :) then he got the pepper for our daughter who is “spicy” although she wants to be like mommy so she always says she is the salt too :) .

I’m a lucky woman! I got him a massage (that we have to reschedule because they accidentally booked us for the wrong time, oh well things happen.) and both of us a night stay at Casulo hotel here in town, we has our own in ground Japanese bath! We also went to see Dark Shadows at Ipic, wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be! Daniel walked out with the same feelings he had watching Breaking Dawn when he went with me to see that :) not really a cheesy vampire fan. Then Saturday we went to Annie’s on Congress it was awesome! Sooooo going back. I wanted to surprise Daniel with dinner so we went to Whole Foods and picked out what we wanted (not the surprise part).

He is so cute! I love him and all his quirky facial expressions.

Then I blindfolded him and drove to the top of the parking garage downtown where he proposed. It was awesome! We danced to the same song he played when he proposed then ate on a blanket.

I got those battery tea lights just in case because at our wedding it was soooo windy that all the hundreds of candles we bought wouldn’t light!

It was a pretty sunset and a pretty sweet view but the best view of all was my sweet husband! (You can follow me on Instagram if you want just look for jessica_monnich, this will be my new real-life contact for clients as I turned of my facebook a little while ago.)

So I wanted to share our experience with you all because you don’t have to go to Jamaica (which we were hoping to do but with airfare, hotel, food, and spending money it was a little much plus we wanted to use Daniel’s big bonus from work to pay off most of our bills so that maybe next year we can go!) for it to be a nice anniversary. Also that love can last and that once the dress is packed away (and in my case doesn’t fit anymore) the best thing from your wedding that still remains years later is your LOVE! :) So while your planning your wedding take a deep breath and remind yourselves why you are doing all of this….. LOVE (and maybe get a good planner like Beth of Stylish happenings :) .

P.s. More wedding related posts on their way! Been a little crazy around here with weddings, my daughter’s birthday, then her getting sick for a week, our anniversary, mother’s day…. anything else we want to cram into this month? :) BUT I love my life and am sooooo thankful for it all!



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