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I have been happily married since May 12th, 2005- WOW that went by so fast! That is a photo of my husband and me to the left! I also love my job, I have photographed weddings since 2001 and owned my business since 2005. Do you want me to shoot your wedding? I have a current passport and love to travel even in America; Email me : info@jessicamonnichphotography.com and let’s talk!

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About Jessica


(Photo of me and my daughter by my wonderful photographer friend Liz of Ejayne photography)

Wedding Photographers, Austin, TX The most creative wedding photography in the world. WeddingWire Rated 2011

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 I am an Austin wedding photographer, I LOVE my job and have been photographing weddings since 2001! When I was a teenager I was OBSESSED with the images in Martha Stewart Magazine the simplicity and beauty. I would define my photography style as modern, feminine and colorful. I love to laugh with the people I photograph it helps ease the tension that I am pointing a lens in thier face resulting in more natural smiles. I have several other fun tricks up my sleeve I have learned over the years that help me to capture those formal shots that your mom and grandma love without making everyone look like deer in headlights! If you are looking for an Austin wedding photographer I would LOOOOVE to meet with you or talk on the phone if you live in Paris (I will fly out there to photograph your wedding, I LOVE destination weddings! I have a current passport and LOVE to travel! I shot a wedding in China in 2010 and have traveled  to Guatemala, England, Poland, and drove through several other countries on a bus trip to Poland. But I don’t know if you can really count those as we only stopped in gas stations in those. ) or other states in America. ;) I would love to talk with you about your wedding, email me at info@jessicamonnichphotography.com.

How long have you been a wedding photographer and what inspired you to do it?

I truly enjoy photographing weddings! There is something magical about two people who love each other starting a new life together. I will capture the beautiful love and romance of your day for you to remember forever, down to the very last detail!
I am a laid back person yet detail oriented. And I love talking about weddings so tell me about your dress and the color of your bridesmaids dresses you aren’t going to bore me! I look forward to getting to know you! To talk more about your beautiful wedding, email me at info@jessicamonnichphotography.com.

We love what you have to offer but there are so many photographers out there what would you say that makes you different from the rest?

I would say personality goes a long way. I live and breathe love! Litterally I have a heart tattooed on my chest! I work in a loving manner and being a southern girl (raised in Texas almost all my life) have manners to go along with it. Which goes a long way on the day of the wedding when everyone is a little stressed. But don’t get me wrong I will also make sure you have the photos of your dreams. I will grab the bride a tissue in a heart beat, is that in my “job description” no, but you are a human being and, hopefully a friend when all is said and done, not just a client.

Also I have been photographing weddings for 10 years now. It is becoming easier and easier for new photographers to buy a website and throw some images up there. But you really want to look for someone that has experience and knowledge to bring to the table. Because you only get one chance to get it right, unless you only want 10 good photos from your wedding then yes go ahead and hire Uncle Bob. If not I would LOVE to chat with you and show you my pricing you can email me at info@jessicamonnichphotography.com,

We really love your work… but… we don’t know if you fit into our budget.

We have all heard “you get what you pay for” and with wedding photography it is very true! If you hire a friend who is just starting out that is the experience and skill you will get. I have heard countless horror stories of “photographers” showing up drunk, sitting in the corner etc, or just plain not knowing how to adequatly use their equipment to capture the moment. Just because you have a $6000 in photography equipment doesn’t mean you know how to use it in the heat of the moment when the groom is crying at the alter or you are giving your grandmother a kiss.I shoot with Canon equipment and highend lenses and flashes. And know how to use it! :)

If you really feel that we are a good fit we can set up a custom payment plan, just ask we are more than willing to accomidate. Also maybe you can think outside the box to make it happen, cut in other areas of your budget, pick up a side job, ask your parents. All things I have done when I couldn’t afford something in the past. So if you think you want to make this happen I would love to hear from you, info@jessicamonnichphotography.com.

Do you shoot a lot of weddings?

I am limiting myself to 2-3 weddings a month to insure that I can leave plenty of time to edit all the images in a timely manner and so the images will look amazing. Also to be able to give my clients the service they deserve for trusting me. AND so I can replenish my love with my sweet family to ensure I can share love with you and your family. If you want to snatch up one of those spots please email me at info@jessicamonnichphotography.com.

Do you take credit cards?

We do and we use paypal as our secure form of invoicing. So once you are ready to send us your contract and non-refundable retainer email me at info@jessicamonnichphotography.com and I will send an invoice to your email to book your date. We do also accept checks as well. Again email me on where to send checks.

This sounds like EXACTLY what we are looking for how do we
get started?

First click on the contact tab below and send me some info about you and your wedding plans. I will be in contact with you on how to set up an complimentary consultation to explain our services with you in detail. You can also shoot me an email at info@jessicamonnichphotography.com.
If you live outside of Austin Texas I can call you as well for your complimentary consultation, NO OBLIGATION. (But I am warning you, you will fall in love with me ;)

And now for more personal info about me….

Yes I have a rather large tattoo on my chest. It represents how my love for my family grows from my love for God.

I LOVE my TOMs shoes (No I don’t have these.)

I love BETSEY JOHNSON . I LOVE art and design (thanks Mom and bro). I think this is what drew me to weddings.

This is my family and me (my husband, my daughter and me) in Colorado (That is where I was born and where almost all my extended family lives we visit every other year) I LOVE my family! My husband is WONDERFUL he is the greatest most patient, caring, and loving man I have EVER known (my Dad is a VERY close second now :) ! I can’t forget my BUNDLE of joy! She makes me laugh EVERYDAY! She is the sweetest little girl 99% of the time and we are working on the rest I think it comes with being an only child. We are hoping to change that soon!

This is a photo of our dog Lucy, she is good most of the time. But as with her “sister” my daughter she has her moments and she will eat off a rougue plate sitting on the table. In this pic she is eating a super cute doggy cookie from Rivers and Reefs . We used to go there all the time when we used to live down in South Austin (I miss living in South Austin soooooo much!) I love my dog Lucy (she is a daschund catahoula mix, so spotty, long body kind of short legs and ADORABLE),

I love to read magazines, and sleeping on rainy days! (Iwas published in 2011 Fall/winter Knot magazine!!) click on the link to see the feature on theknot.com

I lived in this manorin West Sussex, England for 3 months while I was doing missions training with Youth With a Mission in 2000 then we stayed in Poland for 3 months where we did the mission part, we set up an afterschool program for a small town called Krynica in Poland.

(this is an image by: wikitravel)

The image above is the market in Krakow. Our translator thought we were suppose to be at the train station later than was really scheduled so we ended up RUNNING and JUMPING onto a moving train with 3 months worth of luggage!! It was awesome! We also had some eye opening experiences at the Concentration Camp there it was a very sad day. I want to go back to England and Poland someday with my family! I have visited Maui and Guatemala as well.

In 2010 I photographed a wedding in China!! YES it was awesome! I LOVE to travel! You can see the photos from that wedding here…

Beijing wedding

Beijing Ceremony

Beijing wedding couple

Pictures of Beijing China

This is a cute little Chinese boy in the streets of Beijing. In China the kids wear aprons so that if they need to use the restroom they can at anytime and they do. The hand to the right of the image was his grandma and she was giving him little baby booty pats.

I would like to thank my husband, Daniel, for believing in me and letting me get a camera instead of a guitar! You are such a joy and you still warm my heart.

So that is me, hopefully I will get to meet you I love to meet new people! If you are interested in having me photographing your wedding PLEASE email me at info@jessicamonnichphotography.com .


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