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I have been happily married since May 12th, 2005- WOW that went by so fast! That is a photo of my husband and me to the left! I also love my job, I have photographed weddings since 2001 and owned my business since 2005. Do you want me to shoot your wedding? I have a current passport and love to travel even in America; Email me : info@jessicamonnichphotography.com and let’s talk!

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Your questions answered

Here are some questions that I am often asked by the inquisitive bride looking for an Austin wedding photographer…

What if something happens and you can’t be at my wedding for some reason?
I make every effort and precaution to be early to every wedding. If something tragic were to happen prior to the wedding day I have a network of Professional Photographers here in Austin who I will call to cover your event. Rest assure that I will take care of you!
Do you travel?
Yes I travel! Last year I shot a wedding in CHINA!  I have a current passport! I don’t charge for Austin/San Antonio but anywhere beyond, I do have to charge for expenses BUT since I love to travel usually I can work a pretty good deal for destination weddings!

Do I get a high resolution DVD? Can I really print as much as I want anywhere I want from the high resolution DVD?

Yes you can, the high resolution DVD that is included in all my packages will print up to an 8×10. You can contact me for larger quality archival sized prints, canvas, and bamboo prints! YES I said bamboo they are awesome! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do me a favor though and DON’T take the high resolution DVD to drugstores or superstores 9 times out of 10 you will get someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing or didn’t change the chemicals in their machine causing your prints to have a “purple” or different colored hue to them but ever so subtle that you feel bad about complaining. For a suggestion here in town check out Precision Camera I worked there many years ago and saw behind closed doors and they really do know what they are doing there! Yes I used to work in print labs ( get this I also used to develop my own FILM!! (black and white and cross processed film!) no I am not 95 years old only 30 in July 11′ )

Are the photos on the high resolution DVD edited?

Yes they have all been corrected for White Balance, Color Temperature, Brightness & Exposure levels, Hue, Saturation, Contrast, as well as Clarity levels. Any additional editing can be done for $3 an image (i.e. creative saturation & contrast maneuvers, black & white and sepia tone effects, basic dodging & burning appropriations, and other basic special effects and actions.)

Then there is the third level of editing (Sort of like really good plastic surgery). Which includes professional Photoshop techniques such as: facial retouching, swapping eyes in group photos, hair retouching or removal, blemish removal, skin smoothing efforts, cropping, replacement or removal of objects (i.e., signs, straps, cars, distracting elements, etc.).This service is $60 for the first hour and $50 each additional hour Generally I can edit about 2-3 images in an hour in this manner sometimes more depending on what is needed. Feel free to ask me for a custom quote after you receive your high resolution disk. A minimum of 1 hour must be purchased and after that will be billed in 30 minute increments of $25 per 30 minutes. (BUT this third level of editing service is included in your album and portrait price!! But this is an additional charge if requested for photos that are not purchased as prints or included in your album )

Can I get a web resolution images too to put on my Facebook page ?

You can download them for free from your online photo gallery, or if you would prefer them on your DVD let me know and I can put them on the DVD as well.. All I ask is that you tag me in the image so that people know who took the photo (you can tag me in the corner of the image so people don’t think I was a part of your wedding)

How many images can I expect to be on my high resolution DVD?

Generally about 50 per hour. We will take a trillion and a half (it seems :) but we will go through and pick the best of the best taking out the blurry, closed eyed, weird/unnatural faces (well most of them some we will keep in there as blackmail or just a REALLY good laugh in 20 years, LOL!). So generally speaking for an 8 hour wedding you usually will get around 400 images and this is depending how detailed your wedding is, the more details or action the more shots beyond the 400 you will get. So throw in a conga line, ask your bridesmaids to help you make those super cook favors you dreamed up, think outside of the box on how to fill your wedding timeline!
If my package includes the DVD of high-resolution images, why should I buy prints from you?
Because keep in mind the images on your DVD only print to an 8×10 which is fine on a small scale but if you want a SUPER awesome 16×20 for your dining room of the two of you that is SUPER fabulous and looked over meticulously then you want to order a print from me. ALSO I only keep the 8×10 negatives for a year and the larger files only for 3 months after the wedding. So if you do want to place a order for a print or album larger than an 8 x10 let me know so we can arrange that for you!

So do I get a high resolution DVD?

Yes every package includes a high resolution DVD that prints up to an 8×10. For larger sizes you can order prints from me that are further edited. (see further explination below)

Why do you only give negatives that print up to an 8×10?

One, below this size is a pain in the behind to work with a zillion tiny prints (I used to do that before online galleries caught on, soooo done with those LOL!). Two when you get any larger than 8×10 you start to notice EVERY detail and I want to make sure those details are the good details showing so I will edit the images to take out anything that is distracting like pimples, cellulite, poles, heaters, random things that were UNABLE to move (as a side note: I am a sucker for a simple shot, so I will politely ask you to move in your portrait session or on the day of the wedding if there is something ridiculously distracting in the background or foreground that we can’t move out of the way, but in the event that we can’t move something and it will make for a great shot I can edit out most things when you purchase a print larger than an 8×10 as described above.)

Do you give us copyrights to the pictures?

You will have a license to print the images (up to an 8×10) for yourself, friends and family from your DVD. Which this is printed onto the outside of your DVD so that when you do take it to be printed they will know you are ok to be making prints. You will not be able to sell, edit, or advertise with any photos. If you would like to use the images for other the reasons I do allow, please contact me and and we can try to work something out. Also feel free to enter the images into contests but PLEASE credit me and let me know so we can freak out with you when you win, cause come on you know you will! ;)

We don’t need the engagement session, is there a discount for that?

I like to at least photograph an engagement session with the two of you before your big day (that is why it is included in every package). It helps you to get to know me so that you don’t freeze like a deer in headlights the day of! Also so there isn’t a weird feeling of “who is this random person taking my picture”. I do understand that sometimes it really isn’t an option but even then I would love to use that 1.5 hours to talk, catch up, grab drinks so that we can get to know each other if you just really can’t be in town any sooner than the week before. But if that is still not an option I can’t refund an “engagement fee” (just to really ensure that you will take advantage of this time).

I don’t need x amount of hours, can you drop the price for less hours?

Saturdays are big days for wedding photographers and since this is my full-time profession so I would be willing to shoot x amount of hours for you but I can’t refund you money for only needing x amount of hours (as I don’t book two events on one day, I want to be able to focus on you and your beautiful wedding!)

Do I have to buy an album now or can I buy it later?

You can wait if you like but if you order now you will have a discount built into your package. See the bubbles next to the images that describe the savings versus buying a la carte ( you can see this on the pricing sheet when we meet or talk on the phone). Also I am no longer promising the price, it is subject to change (and most likely will go up each year).

When you photograph a wedding, how long do you need for the formal photographs?

At least 30 minutes but if you want to get creative shots of the Bride and Groom and/or the bridal party, then I will need an additional 30 minutes or so. See the formal portrait list layout (you will get an email of this after we meet, come on I got to get you some how to meet up with me :) cause I want to win you over with my wonderful personality! ;)

What if things run later than planned, will you stay?
I understand when people get behind, I will stay 30 minutes longer than planned without charging, any time after that will be extra cost at my normal hourly rate. (which will be $200 an hour)
Ok, I’m ready to book, now what?
For me to save the date, I require a non-refundable deposit of $750 and signed contract (which I will email you via echo sign an online secure contract company, to save trees by having you print it out and having to wait for it in the mail). The rest of the balance is due one month prior to the wedding, I will send out a reminder 1 week before that.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yep I do, you can click on the “Make a payment” page above for instructions. I use a secure Paypal portal but you don’t HAVE to sign up for a paypal account. on the “Make a payment” page it explains how to get around that.

Do you have any other questions? If so let’s meet!! If you can’t meet let’s set up a time to chat on the phone!

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